Terms and Conditions

Costs & Payment 

Our fees will be clearly described and agreed with you before signing the contract. We guarantee to hold the quoted price until the agreed assignment date. Payments may be made by cash, Paypal, bank transfer or card. For all non-commercial work full payment is required on or before the agreed assignment date


Assignments are undertaken on the basis that every effort will be taken by our staff to provide the agreed service. It is the client’s
responsibility to give adequate co-operation with us to enable the shoot to take place. In particular, we must be allowed sufficient time to complete the photography on the day, as will be explained and agreed beforehand. 

Deposits & Balances 

A deposit is required for all bookings. This reserves our time on the day and means that we will not accept any other bookings which compromise our ability to fulfil your commission. Until the deposit has been paid, we may accept alternative bookings from other clients. The deposit amount will be discussed and agreed before the contract is signed. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full on or before the day of the job. All images generated to date remain the property of John Hagen and will not be released until full payment is made

Limited Liability

In the event of delay, failure or loss due to failure of materials, failure of equipment, failure by third parties (e.g. processing, laboratories, postal services, etc.), death, illness or disability of our staff. Our maximum liability will be limited to an immediate refund of all fees already paid 

Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event of delay, failure or loss due to Acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances such as (but not limited to) fire, lightning strike, snow, fog, excessive rain, or other effects of poor weather; death, illness or disability of the Client or their family; Client’s transport problems (such as wedding car breakdown, traffic, travel disruption). We are not liable and the deposit is forfeit. If work has already commenced, the full fee is payable.


Cancellation by us for any reason will result in the immediate refund of all money already paid and no further liability is accepted. Cancellation by the Client for any reason will result in any deposit already made being retained by us. Partial payments in excess of the agreed deposit will be returned to the Client within 30 days of cancellation. However, if the client wishes to cancel, but has a friend or relative who needs similar photographic work done within 3 months, the original deposit may be transferred at no cost. 


If the Client requires cover over & above the limits of liability described above, it is the Client’s own responsibility to arrange appropriate insurance for themselves. 

Ownership of Materials

All photographs, disks, albums, books, media, etc. remain our property until full payment has been made. The Client is charged solely for the service of producing the agreed deliverables. All media and original materials remain our property.

Copyright & Reproduction 

We operate in accordance with current UK Copyright law. We retain ownership copyright on all our images. However, reproduction & distribution permission is granted to all non-commercial Clients. Please ask for details. 

Our Use of Your Photographs

We politely request that the Client allows us to use photographs for legitimate purposes including public display (e.g. in a window display or Internet web page), broadcast (e.g. in a book or brochure), and the issuing of copies (e.g. as samples of our work). Every Client is welcome to withhold this permission. Please tell us if you do not agree for us to use your photographs in this manner. 


Any variations from these conditions must be agreed in writing by all involved parties and noted in the Contract.